Isha Johansen

President, Sierra Leone Football Association; Founder, Premier League Club

Isha Johansen currently serves as President of the Sierra Leone Football Association.  She is the only female president of a football association in Africa, and one of only two female FA presidents in the world.  She credits her father’s passion for the sport as her inspiration and the start of her lifelong involvement in football.  In 2004, she founded the internationally successful youth team FC Johansen, using football to provide structure, training, education, and opportunities for children displaced by Sierra Leone’s civil war. 

She is a vocal advocate for good governance in the sport and is the first woman to serve on FIFA’s Security and Integrity Committee.  She has recently drawn upon her own experience in the football industry to launch Power Play Africa, an initiative to advance the status of women and girls in Africa through their participation in football, which has the backing of FIFA and the Confederation of African Football.

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